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Xuancheng Facilitates Shift of Industries from East

This hot July and August saw all the busyness in the sites of nearly all economic and technological development zones in Xuancheng.

  Yuhuan Industrial Park in Xuancheng Development Zone and PCB Industrial Park in Guangde Development Zone are especially worth mentioning. The former, with Yuhuan from Zhejiang Province as the leading enterprise, will be developed to be a manufacturing base of auto and motorcycle spare parts while the latter, with a total investment of over 1.2 billion yuan, will become the largest of its kind in south Anhui.    



  In recent years, Xuancheng has brought into full play its effect as a city in Wanjiang urban belt demonstration zone and quickened its steps in the shift of industries from east.

  Firstly, great efforts have been made to optimize investment environment: concentrating on the building of the urban district, urban transportation and infrastructure facilities while making scientific plans in the overall arrangement of industries.

  Secondly, the ability of accepting industries from east has been improved comprehensively: continuously improving infrastructure facilities in development zones and modern services in adjacent regions while extending and upgrading these zones rapidly. In the first half of this year, an area of 128.62 square kilometers was completed in 13 provincial development zones of Xuancheng, and 2204 enterprises in all settled in them.

  Besides, steps to accept industries have been accelerated. From January to June, Xuancheng’s  trade and investment promotion continues to maintain sound momentum: having signed 661 investment projects outside the province with about 51.11 billion yuan flowing in. 


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