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Traditional Production Technique of Xuan Paper is successfully chosen as “Non-material Heritage of Mankind”

   Applying for Non-Substance Cultural Heritage by Xuan Paper dated from 2006. The expert of the Ministry of Culture thought Xuan Paper with its unique technology could apply for Non-Substance Cultural Heritage.

  In 2008, Department of Culture of Anhui Province applied with Xuan Paper and Hui ink which can best represent manual art in Anhui for Non-Substance Cultural Heritage.
  At early September, according to the request of the Ministry of Culture and the relevant rules in applying for Non-Substance Cultural Heritage, Jing County of Xuancheng and Chinese Xuan Paper Group Company were engaged in the application. 9 months later, the group for applying heard from Heritage Department of UNESCO on June 11th. It said placing Xuan Paper on the World Heritage List was good for the publicity of the project and the popularity among the youth as well as the promotion of cultural diversity and human creativity.
  At 11 on the evening of September 30th, CCTV new channel broadcasted 22 projects of China were chosen as Human Non-Substance Cultural Heritage Protection List, among which Xuan paper ranked fourth.(By Li Han)

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