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More Powerful in Future

  It is indeed a good news if the GOP of Xuancheng exceeds 100,000 million.  When the per capita GDP exceeds 5000 dollars, Xuancheng will reach the average level of middle-income countries and areas, and citizen consumption will proceed from being adequately fed and clad to being fairly well-off.

  According to the Twelfth Five-year Program of Xuancheng, at the end of “the Twelfth Five-year”, the GDP of Xuancheng will exceed 100,000 million. During the next five years, Xuancheng will promote the construction of a demonstration region undertaking industrial transfer of the city-cluster along the Yangtze River in Anhui, and an international cultural city in South China. In five years, Xuancheng’s industrial system will be further improved. As the economy grows, Xuancheng will become a more competitive and powerful city.


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