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Xuancheng to Be Initially Built into a Central City

  Xuancheng is well known as a southeast gate of Anhui. According to schedule, it will be initially built into a central city at the convergence of Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang during the 12th Five-Year period.



Transportation Center

  Xuancheng has been trying to set up a modern transportation system. Several important railways passing through the city are being built – Hefei-Fuzhou special railway, Huang-Hang, Shang-Hang and Wan-Gan high-speed railways. The construction of a new 30,000-square-meter railway station has been scheduled. What are being built also include five expressways (Yangzhou-Jixi, Xuancheng-Hangzhou, Wuhu-Yanchi, Xuancheng-Tongling and No. 205 national highway) and two water transportation items (Xuancheng section of the Wuhu-Shanghai Canal and the waterway on the Shuiyang River). Besides, Xuancheng Public Waiting Hall and Freight House of Nanjing Lukou International Airport have formally brought into service.

Logistics Center

  The east of Xuancheng has been set as a new zone of logistics. It is planned to cover 30 square kilometers. The area in the first phase of the construction reaches 11 square kilometers, including several functional districts: public service center, commercial service area, producing & processing service area, and agricultural products service area.

Cultural Center

  Depending on rich cultural resources, Xuancheng is enhancing the growth of its cultural industry. With leading projects like Four-Treasures-of-the-Study Industry Park, China-Teahouse, Ruiya International Culture Plaza, Xuanjiu Liquor Culture Museum, etc., it is working hard to build a nationally well-known base for producing and trading cultural products. Moreover, it also tries to create a profound cultural atmosphere by building modern cultural facilities such as library, Olympic sports center, urban planning exhibition hall, exhibition center, science and technology center, museum, art gallery, grand theatre, etc.

Tourist Center

  In 2010, Xuancheng was listed as Top Tourist City of China. Started from this position, the city has been working hard to strengthen the construction of series of demonstration zones, featuring Four-Treasures-of-the-Study creation industry, Jingting-Guquan cultural tourism, South Anhui rural tourism, Shuanglong tourism, Grand Yunling red tourism and Huizhou cultural tourism.

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