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  Social progress is closely related to the transportation development. In the Twelfth Five-year, Xuancheng will become a new transportation hub linking Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang province with modern high-speed railway and highway.

  From north to south, Xuancheng Line in Hefei-Fuzhou Railway goes through Jing County,  Jingde County, and Jixi County. This project with an investment of 900 million was operated in April, 2010. The Shangqiu-Hangzhou Railway on which invested 10 billion runs through Xuanzhou Region, Langxi County and Guangde County. The Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway running through Xuancheng will be built this year. What’s more, various railway electrification reforming projects have been promoted steadily.

  The project of the Ningguo-Xuancheng-Hangzhou Highway will be completely finished at the end of 2013. The Yangzhou-Jixi Highway is 170 km long. The Xuancheng-Nanling-Tongling Highway on which invested about 600 million will open to traffic in 2012.
  In that time, the distance between Xuancheng and cities in Yangtze River Delta Area will be reduced. The convenient transportation will be good for visitors to come to Xuancheng.


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