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Xuancheng City is a national demonstration zone undertaking Industrial Transfer, which located in the southeast of Anhui. As the home of Four Treasures of the Study, the national tourist city and one of the kernel regions of Hui Culture, it radiates great energy in its own development. It consists of Xuanzhou District, Ningguo City and five counties: Langxi, Guangde, Jixi, Jingxian and Jingde, having an area of 12,340 square kilometers and a population of 2.75 million.

Boasting a long history and high civilization, Xuancheng has numerous historical remains preserved within the boundaries of this city, including 8 units of cultural relics under state protection. Besides, this region also possesses 11 AAAA national scenic spots. Xuancheng has many generations of eminent people such as Mei Wending, Hu Shi and so on, and a lot of famous poems written by Li Bai and some other poets are preserved. What’s more, production technique of Xuan Paper and Hui Ink are successfully chosen as “Non-material Heritage of mankind.”

Xuancheng enjoys a unique geographic advantage. Among the 17 municipalities directly under direct provincial jurisdiction, it is the only one that borders both Jiangsu province and Zhejiang provinces. The transportation arteries that go through the city include No. 318 and 205 national highways, Shanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Anhui superhighways, and Xuancheng-Hangzhou and Anhui-Jiangxi railways. The downtown is only about 120 kilometers away from Nanjing Lukou Airport.

Xuancheng’s economic keeps a rapid and efficient growth for many years. In 2009, with the growth rate of the economic indicators in the forefront of the province, Xuancheng has become one of most developed cities.

With the goals of developing Xuancheng into a base for feature tourism, high-quality farming industry, and new-type processing and manufacturing industries, and turning it into an important traffic hub and logistics center, Xuancheng government takes great efforts to promote the building of railways, super-railways and super-highways, the construction of its development zones and urban districts, and platforms for industrial transference, etc. A demonstration zone of undertaking industry shift of the city belt in Anhui along Yangtze River has come into being.


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